This project is maintained by and for L2 C1 x1 fans. Many of us should have noticed, that all the private servers (the only type of server where we can find authentic C1), where we used to play, sooner or later get closed. This may be very upsetting, as playing on low-rates server, like x1, requires playing for a long period of time. The reasons why private servers live for a very limited period of time are a) too few people maintaining the project combined with b) very low online. These projects do not make money and exist until their admins have interest. The goal of this project is to develop a new approach, to create a really long-term private server. The main idea is in accumulating people of interest, creating a community of L2 C1 x1 fans, sharing experience, knowledge about PTS server distributions, configurations, etc., in order to give everyone in the community an ability to help in development of the project, and, if necessary, administer it. The fan-club private server was launched on April 4, 2016.

Chronicle 1 is a true Classics Lineage 2, perfect balance of classes, each has its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the other characters, all in their profession attractive and necessary, not easy gameplay even more spur will integrate into the team, create clans and alliances, and the desire to possess the kingdom of Aden, fueling large-scale war, Here then is shown real team spirit, that's why at the people who know how to C1 associates "True Hardcore"

On our project, you will receive:

  1. The pleasant atmosphere of the game
  2. Responsive and adequate administration
  3. Team trips to this location about which you already forgotten
  4. Clan wars and wars of entire alliance
  5. Really honest and fair play
  6. Lack of Don, a drawing of gear and Persians
  7. Pleasant time priprovozhdenie far away from everyday troubles


    Lineage II Chronicle 1: Harbingers of War (L2 C1 x1), as described in
    → PRIMA® OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE: Lineage II Chronicle 1 - Harbingers of War, including
    → Lineage II: Chronicle I, the Harbingers of War Errata, including
    → Known Issues (listed on GitHub)


The project highly needs people/volunteers to participate in various backend activities, such as development, game mastering, public relations, and others.

If you wish to participate in project development or collaborate in any other way - you can use contacts below to reach us. If you have any other questions/considerations/comments/remarks - feel free to contact us as well.

Forum: l2c1x1.freeforums.net

Bitbucket: bitbucket.org/t911/

FB: fb.com/l2c1x1

FB: m.me/l2c1x1

Email: l2c1x1fc@gmail.com

VK: L2c1x1