Is all you need to play on our server

L2.ini (New IP adres on server)

Lineage 2: Chronicle 1 - Harbingers Of War Client Full Patch

Lineage 2: Chronicle 1 - Harbingers Of War Pure Client

Auto Updater (Downgrade to pure Client)

System For Win 10

c3 Texture For c1 Client v1.3

Skill Time Patch

Aggro Patch

Patch on Underwear

Russian Chat Patch

...PRIMA...Lineage 2 Official Game Guide

Offline Data Base Lineage 2 Chronicle 1

Lineage 2 Informer v0.6

Fraps (Video Recorder)

Arum Swicher (If Alt+B Destroys the Client)

Server Status (Shows The Login And Game Server Status)

MultiWin (Remote Controler For Dual Box)

TargetPlus (Clicker For AutoSS And More)

Crafter (Each Dwarf And Clan Leader Must Have)

IG L2 Walker 1.20

IG L2 Walker 1.46

OOG L2 Walker 10.2.3