User API

User API can be used by registered users only. It provides an access to some personalized data. Requires authentication with a game account.

Authentication With a User Account Basic

Extended Active Players List

Method:	GET
URL:	/services/misc/list-active-players
Query Params:
	days: integer, values 0/1/7, default: 0

Example: GET /services/misc/list-active-players?

Character Capitalization

Method:	GET
URL:	/services/analytics/cap-history
Query Params:
	timeframe: integer, values 3600/86400, default: 3600
	days: integer, range [1,730]
	from: date, format yyyy-mm-dd, default: to - days
	to: date, format yyyy-mm-dd, default: today
	nicknames: array of nicknames to return data for (maximum 10); nicknames=nick1&nicknames=nick2&...
	align: boolean, values true/false

Example: GET /services/analytics/cap-history

Characters on Map

Method:	GET
URL:	/services/loc/
Query Params:
	days: integer, default: -1 (not set); user roles restrictions apply

Example: GET /services/loc/?

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